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Rooms in Houses. Bachelor Flats. Flats. Hotel

Accommodation for young adults - with a difference


We own and manage a few homes close to University of Pretoria.

Over the last 10 years we have housed 120+ tenants per annum,

most of whom have referred their family and friends upon their departures. 

We are family owned and run:
Dad Gerrit does the maintenance with his team of gardeners, electrician, painters and builders.

Son Nico does the accounts & admin.

Mom Cobie is also involved with website, marketing, admin and emotional care.
Sons Adriaan and CG are also in attendance.

We have what is needed: maintenance, washing and cleaning, wifi with backup power for loadshedding, a caring eye. Two of the properties are off-grid.

Having raised quite a few of our own, we understand young people.

We are not NSFAS Accredited.

To view rooms -
Contacts us

Cobie 0823375616
errit 0828713628


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